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Pinprick/ Fractur Art picture on paper showing an adult and child or possibly an older child and a younger playing on a simple wooden chair. The image is pricked out to give the pattern and texture, as is the surrounding border and floral headpiece. The work has then been painted in watercolour , with designs reminiscent to us of American/ German "Fractur " art , which has led us to an American origin for the piece, together with a note on the back which reads "Bought Boston 19?7 [ either 1937 or 1987] for John Tennent". Our best date for the work is circa 1830, although it might well be a little older we feel. The image is approx. 17 cm. x 27 cm. [37cm. x 27cm in the frame]. The image is lightly toned and has a few stains, but any marks are age appropriate, and do not detract from the overall appeal of the work in our opinion. The framing is scratched and dented, but serviceable. We are happy to send the picture internationally but without the glass, or if preferred, without the frame entirely. A rare survival of American Folk Art.
condition: Very Good


keywords:     Folk Art    PInprick painting    Fractur

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